My Naked Face Friendship

So this past Friday I celebrated another year gone by.  I have never been one to have a panic attack about age or getting older, I tend to take the “you’re only as old as you feel” stance but as life would have it I […]


Girl Time

So photography building aside (I should really really be shooting, reading and practicing at all times) it’s pretty necessary to waste time doing other things. Zoe Nicole is the only girl in the family and the only one I need to have Lol. It was […]

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Changing It Up

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with my camera, YouTube, Creative Live, hundreds of blogs and lots of caffeine.  Somewhere during my relationship with these things I saw a light of inspiration (or absolutely craziness) and I jumped in to start Sarah Lee […]

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I Committed and There’s No Turning Back….

In my obsession quest of learning everything I can about photography and business and photography business I kept coming across the 365 project.  A challenge where you literally have to shoot something everyday….Hmmm sounds interesting and challenging and something I should not add to my […]

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Tis The Season!

A little seasonal picture fest courtesy of the monthly photo blogging challenge by A Lil Hoohaa.  This is a fun challenge that allows you to spend the month taking pics and post a collection of sorts, hope you enjoy!  


The Dress….

One of my first wedding shots.  I had several dress shots I took but I tend to have a more abstract eye for my style so even though this is not the entire dress, it is one of my favorite dress shots.